Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Max!

Once there was a little dog called Max, who has the aspect of a brown hot-dog just made, with big green eyes and a crazy tail moving without rest.  He was really happy in his hometown Duados. 
Duados was the town were lived the people that didn’t want to work. Was the town where the happiest man was the one who more help to the community and the one who less work to live.  The town has a beach, with white sand and light blue water.
 Max was the kind of pet that any man would love to have:  playful, full of energy and the most loyal dog in the town. But he was homeless. He is homeless? Would you ask yourself… yes, he was.
Little Max has this problem that veterinary called “heroic sense of life”. Every time there was a problem in Duados, Max was the first in smell it and help the one who need aid. Actually, he was happy by helping the town but there was something missing, an owner. In the dark night of our happy city, the lovely dog dreamed and dreamed about living in a house, a regular one, the only thing he asked for, was a place where to sleep and give happiness to their owners.
One day, a family who was new in the town, adopted Max!. The new family was “The Workers”, and didn’t know the rules in Duados, so they started looking a job. They believed that the only way of buying food to the friendly dog was working for it. Max noticed this and just wanted to help them, passing the day in his little house thinking how to stop the searching. The Workers just wondered what in the world would be happen with Max. They thought that Max miss his real place where he belong, the city. So the Workers let Max just where they found them.
Max was very sad after this and started crying every night. The people of Duados listened and didn’t know what to do. Until one day, the Workers were still looking for a job, on the beach area. Suddenly a giant wave covered the family, and they could do nothing but yelling to the sky. Max, the first in hearing the shouting of the Workers, ran to the beach and full of courage jumped to the wave and bit the clothes of every one of them, to pulling to the beach side. The day was saved by Max! And the Workers understood that the Duados town wasn’t a place to work. They read the rules of the town and decided to stay in the town.
But, what happened with our little Max? Guess what! The Workers adopted Max again, but with the promise of let the gate of the hose open, so when Max smell the danger in town, could run to save the day over and over again!  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012: the end of the world?

The last year, the most famous topic was all about the end of the world. If we shut on the tv on weekends, we could watch the panelist talking about it. All this chaos is because many predictions and prophecies said that 2012 will be the end of the humanity.  For example, Nostradamus wrote a prophecy about this, but the main is Maya’s prediction. They were a great civilization because they leave us many information about sciences and astronomic. It’s unbeliever how can they predicted so many solar eclipses with a perfect precision many years ago.
 The Maya’s prediction for the 2012 was the end of the world. They made a calendar who finish this December 21st. So, all the speculations and interpretations made about this topic are related with: they predicted the end.  But I’m not sure if they would say “end of the world” I prefer to think they predicted a change in the world. A change that can shake and remake our minds, and make us to realize the damage we are doing to the world.

I think this prediction in a way can be true. It can be a way to take conscious that we are not the world’s owner.  We are just for a moment here and it is important to take care about the planet and just to enjoy its advantages.

I think if the world was going to come to an end, I would like to enjoy my remaining time with my family and friends. Just to stay together, maybe we can go to a beautiful place to take calm and be relaxed. But I think we can’t live thinking about this. Many past prophecies were not true, like “The end of the world in 2000”. Just enjoy the time… because the end can be anytime.