Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How do I see my future life...

The way that I see myself in the future is obviously exactly as the way I want to be and what I want to do it in the future with my life. I think I really don’t have so many projects for me, but I’m sure that I have the same mains projects that everybody in the world must to have for themselves.
First of all I think in around 4 years I will finish my psychology career and then I will search a good job, when I said a “good job” It means I will have my own office to see my patients. It will be decorated really nice by me for to make it comfortable for my patients. At the same time, I will be still with my boyfriend, we will not be thinking about get married (there is so much time for that and It is not something important for us) but I’m sure we will be planning travels and making real all our dreams about to know different countries and enjoying the life together. After to travel and enjoy the time we will make a family. I will have two children and my parents will be very proud about me. I will be very close for them.
About my social life I will have my close friends from the university, we will meet us every single weekend to spend the time as old times and to speak about our special patients.
I see myself in 15 years as a woman very happy and proud about her life, profession and family. I will be very passionate about life and all things that I love to do.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Summer: Bikini and Sunglasses in JGM

Studying in a summer semester? Is not THAT bad actually. Of course there are some points that don’t help making it normal. But, there are traditions that will never be forgotten in order to having this “innovator” semester. For example, I will not read those texts in the middle of Christmas dinner, or making my investigation project while I’m sited watching the fireworks. Ok, it can’t be everything normal. I have thought that travelling in subway would be the worst thing to do, because the human warmth there is unbelievable. I hope this semester worth it and we get that for what we are fighting for: FREE, PUBLIC AND QUALITY EDUCATION!
My expectations for this semester are very positive. I think that would be nice this situation: 3 o clock in the afternoon, such a sun hitting us in our faces like a oven on his maximum warmth, and one friend yells: LETS GO TO VIÑA DEL MAR THIS WEEKEND! That would be a perfect idea, a quick travel to the beach just for having a great time.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I can´t die if I don´t visit Italy

There are a lots of places that I would liked to visit before I die, but Italy it’s really one of my musts places. I really wish to go someday  (I hope someday means soon lol) because I think it is a really interesting and magic country to visit. I love it's language and food. I also imagine that is a very happy country, and I would be very happy if I could eat pasta almost every day.

Another thing that I love about Italy is the architecture and history that the country has. I love the museums and churches just because their lovely structures.

If someday I have the chance to go there, I'd love to go with my boyfriend, cause he is a big fan of Italy too (and also loves lassagna).

I think I'll start saving some money so someday I'll reach my dream.