Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How green am I?

I think is difficult for me to answer the question because it is a topic very important for the environment but we need to do this better.
I understand I can’t be totally green even if I try to do my best. We can´t do everything to help the planet because the live make us to get worst the environment. I said the life by the way we can’t change all our habits. We can’t to change the all the cars or all the buses for a cycle for example. In this moment of the world that is so difficult to do.  So we just can do it better.
Everyday I try to be conscious about water and electricity consumption. For example if I left a room always I turn off the lights. When I rush my teeth I don’t leave all the time water falling down.  Another thing that I do, at the university, I try to save the print paper that I don’t go to use anymore and I put it in containers for recycle.  Also, when I have batteries that are not working anymore, I put all of them on the batteries recycling box.
About transportation, I have to confess I am a little bit lazy because I don’t use to walk so much. So this is a point that I have to improve. But when distances are short, I try to walk and if it is in company of friends better!! Because is bored to walk alone. And to use a bike, I would love to use it, but I’m scared about to be crushed by a car.
I have never thought about joining an eco-organization, because I think environment is important but not so much for to be part of an organization. And I don’t have so much time for to do those things, and when I have free time I prefer to do other things that I really like to do.
I think in our society and especially in our country is missing to be more conscious about environment, about global warming and topics like those. We need to learn about this from the school years for to change the world and to change the human habits.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The sense of life...

The sense of life?
Wow I think it's hard to think about it ... is too profound!

I don’t really know what is the meaning of life, I think the age that I have is a little hard to say which is because I am just 20 years old, and I still have many things to live (I hope so). But really, at this point I think the meaning of life is what you want to do with your life. I always think I must live the way things are. See their good sides and bad sides, its positive and negative things. I’m sure always you have something to learn about it. Maybe sometimes you don’t understand why things happen, but I'm sure with time are explained. "Whenever things happen for a reason" and that something is always better for you, maybe you don’t really reach at the momento, but with the time you will understand why was it happening. I think everyone must just enjoy life, because there is only one, and it must to be profited! Carpe diem, but with careful!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

French Children Don't Throw Food

There is a book called “French children don’t throw food”, that explains some interesting habits of the French children in contrast with the American ones. One of the habits is that the French children, passed the second month of life, can sleep all night trough without awaking. This is a wonderful attitude that I guess, any mother would wish. The writer of the book, Pamela Druckerman, a New Yorker journalist explains that this is caused because the tactics at the moment of hearing the cry of the baby in the middle of the night are very different. The American moms, when hears the baby cry, immediately runs to take him and make him sleep. The French moms are more analytical, she knows that the baby has two phases of dream, so, it’s natural that they wake in the middle of them. The strategy there is standing right him and let he be quiet alone… then will be fall sleep magically. Another difference between American and French moms is that the last ones, are not really interested in make social life with other moms of same age. This could be explained because they are more interested in taking care of the child instead making social life in that stage of the life. The main conclusion that Druckerman is able to say, is that the quiet you take care you child, the more obedient he will be, just ask the French moms!
If you want to read the entire article, here I write the link of the new: