Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When I'm sad...

Really, I don’t use too much to be sad. It is very unusual and noticeable on me.
Well, but when I’m sad I like to listen a kind of music. Mainly, I like to listen radio, music for dance or pop music... I don’t like to listen romantic music or kind of. That is not for cheer up me.
I really like to listen Ricky Martin, Shakira and others. I think their songs are not sadIy. I think there is a song that really cheer up me is: “Pegate un poco mas” by Ricky Martin. Ok, maybe it’s crazy, funny or whatever but when I listen this song I feel like dancing and I begin to. That makes me feel good and forget all about when I was sad. Really, that makes me cheer up!!  But when I’m not sad I do it too. LOL
Another music that I like to listen is music who remembers me my time spent with my friends. Songs we listened in parties or everywhere.  Always there are these kinds of songs in your mind. Songs who you listen and come to your mind some story and stuff and makes you smile.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brian Weiss

Born in 1944 in New York.
He is one of the most famous psychoanalist in USA. He studied at Columbia and Yale University.
He’s famous for his books about love, soul mates and reincarnation.  His research includes reincarnation, past life regression, future-life progression and survival of the human soul after death.

He begun to write about reincarnation after to practice psychiatric therapy with his patients who  relate their experiences when they were in an hypnotic state. They related stories about past lifes, soul mates, etc. At the beginning Weiss didn’t believe in reincarnation but after some therapies with a patient who confirmed  some elements about Weiss’ life who she should not have to know, He begun to believe to.

Main works are:
·         Many lives, many masters
·         Only love is real
·         Same soul, many bodies

I just read “Only love is real” many years ago. When I never thougth to study Psychology.
I really like it because I’m interesting about past lifes, regressions, soul mates and all this themes. For me this book was so interesting. I would like to read the other books but for the moment I don’t have the time for.