Thursday, December 22, 2011

Summer: Bikini and Sunglasses in JGM

Studying in a summer semester? Is not THAT bad actually. Of course there are some points that don’t help making it normal. But, there are traditions that will never be forgotten in order to having this “innovator” semester. For example, I will not read those texts in the middle of Christmas dinner, or making my investigation project while I’m sited watching the fireworks. Ok, it can’t be everything normal. I have thought that travelling in subway would be the worst thing to do, because the human warmth there is unbelievable. I hope this semester worth it and we get that for what we are fighting for: FREE, PUBLIC AND QUALITY EDUCATION!
My expectations for this semester are very positive. I think that would be nice this situation: 3 o clock in the afternoon, such a sun hitting us in our faces like a oven on his maximum warmth, and one friend yells: LETS GO TO VIÑA DEL MAR THIS WEEKEND! That would be a perfect idea, a quick travel to the beach just for having a great time.  


  1. Now dear, where's the second post???

  2. You should remove the old links of blogs from your blog list, and refresh it with your new classmates' blogs.